As a theme I chose ‘doubts’.

A bit skeptical I started the coaching session with horses. As theme I chose ‘doubts’. I thought I would work around the doubts I sometimes have when I want to work with my own horse. By asking a number of simple, focused questions, deeper causes emerged. Petra mentioned a number of words that came up several times in my story. Actually it turned out that ‘doubts’ and the accompanying procrastination behaviour were caused by other uncertainties. We decided to work around ‘self-confidence and trust’.

I had to choose a horse from the herd that represented my ‘self-assured I’. I had to make a jump and take it together with my ‘self-assured I’. The crazy thing was that I wanted to look at this assignment from my experience with horses but that I still thwarted myself by lapsing into patterns that also bothered me in daily life. Also here Petra could, by means of simple questions and naming what she saw, give me insight.

Even with the limitations of the workshop: the audience watching, the short time that was foreseen,… I really have the feeling that I got a better insight in certain patterns of my life.

I will definitely come back in, in a quiet setting, to continue working on the start we made in this session.